The Easter Hunt

Saturday, March 31th - Sunday, April 1st - Monday, April 2nd
From 10.30am to 13pm and from 14pm to 17pm
Free Access

Come to join us for The Easter Hunt ! Start at the wine shop with a map and a guidebook.
Chocolate & Wine tasting for adults.

Free access without reservation.

Enjoy our relaxing treatments

Swedish Massage 50min

Perfect for sportspersons, it stimulates recovery after an effort and offers a deep relaxation to the muscles.

Japanese Kobido Massage 50min

 Ancestral anti age facial care to get softer, smoother, toned skin. For a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

Thai Massage 50min

Ancestral deep tissue massage which aims at stimulating blood circulation and freeing blocked energies in order to stimulate active recovery.

Custom massage 50min

Our masseuse will evaluate your needs and expectation to offer you deep relaxation through a fully custom massage.

From €95 - per person

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