from 15 April to 26 June 2016

Les Mécaniques Absurdes [Absurd Mechanics]

Jean-Michel Fauquet | Laurent Millet | Ethan Murrow

While on the one hand Jean-Michel Fauquet's universe is very classic, on the other hand it is always characterised by a vague style that constantly deflects the eye: one can sense from these very obscure images, seemingly taken in the dark of the night, a strange showcase of curiosities, inspired from coal-blackened cartons and the source of dream worlds: a seated replate, like in Bacon's works, or a tree twisting in the darkness, the Tower of Babel...

With "Bestaires" [Bestiaries] and "Petites Machines littorales" [Small coastal machines] by Laurent Millet, the ephemeral is more poignant: on a beach, pieces of wood assembled into small poetic constructions, existing only for how long the image lasts, and destined for destruction. The creator's image - an unlikely performer, an artist haunted by science while still full of imagination, seeing himself as part of the ambrotypes of the "Somnium" series or in the prints of the "Les Derniers Jours d'Emmanual Kant" [The Last Days of Emmanual Kant] series: like "le dieu des petits riens" [The God of small things], this artist creates small, geometric but fragile structures, held together with nothing at all or a little tape and string... All it takes is one gust of wind and everything collapses... The work no longer exists. But this is what makes it brilliant and human.

Ethan Murrow, a young American prodigy in drawing, writes characters - doomed explorers, hoaxers, genuine-fake scientists, pathetic inventors (again!) - these are the creatures of Ethan Murrow's worlds: such as a mad explorer who wants to catch a cloud with a net or dig until he reaches China (why not?).
Like a man who is constantly dreaming and always fails, and whose greatness lies precisely in the madness of his own desire.

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