from 16 July to 20 December 2016

Being Beauteous

Anne-Lise Broyer | Marie Maurel de Maillé | Nicolas Comment | Amaury da Cunha

"Being Beauteous": Originally, perhaps this enigmatic title could shed light on our desire of being together and our way of doing things. For this is the "mystery" that intrigues us - what lies in the singularity of our path, dependant on the different ways and means that are linked to the specificity of our lives and the people we meet.

A sensitive issue that brings us cautiously together in an ironic world still contaminated by the age of suspicion. And with it, a particular relationship to images. Thus, it seems to us that this enigma of "Presence" is poorly represented in the field of visual arts. Today, photography is often too busy transforming the world into messages of truth and reducing appearances into banalities. Because the photographic image, for us, is neither a message box nor a machine creating proof. This excludes everything that can be classified from our fields of representation. We do not do reports, or portraits, or even architectural images. We create images to give the idea of "wandering" back all its richness and value. For us, photography is well and truly a central discipline: it stands at the crossroads. Somewhere between literature and visual arts.

But in in the end it is always what we "see" that is essential to us. Re-establishing attention and trying to regain a sense of perspicacity is a way to revive a connection and a means for sharing. A way of bringing the world together. A retinal adventure which seeks it sources not only in the confines of inner experience, but also in the abundance the world's materials. By refusing the world's modern day distractions and storytelling: in short, the purpose it to once again put reality in the foreground, in all its purity, mystery and beauty. "Being Beauteous..."

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