Le Grand Potager at Fontenille


At over 8,000 m2 anything goes.
See how vegetables are grown each step of the way and learn about the roles trees, water and beneficial insects play in the process. Get to know the different species of fruit and vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers.
Discover composting techniques as well as the different phases of waste decomposition and
come to grips with how ecosystems actually work and the consequences humans’ actions have on nature.



Due to the crop diversity available as well as the architecture and elements inspired by
permaculture, a visit to the Domaine grounds is not only a pleasant experience but also an educational one, with experimental and educational considerations developed by the Ivory Foundation. Walks can be organised which focus on farming practices arising from permaculture, agricultural ecology and agricultural forestry with the aim of getting visitors interested in ecological gardening, conservation and the environment.

Educational and experimental gardening


The Grand Potager (literally the Large Vegetable Patch) is where the fruit and vegetable used in the Domaine de Fontenille kitchens and restaurants are grown (organic only please!). A wide variety of edible and decorative flowers are also grown, which guests will most likely have seen either in their bedrooms or as garnishing at the restaurants.

An hotel of the Les Domaines de Fontenille collection

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