In the heart of Luberon, an exceptional vineyard

In the heart of Provence, overlooking the Durance Plain on the southern slopes of Luberon, the Domaine de Fontenille is among the few provincial proprieties that have retained their original appearance.

Bordered by the Luberon foothills and mountains and the Montagne Sainte Victoire, this country house, characterized by its classical architecture, lies within its landscaped grounds protected by cedars and plane trees, surrounded by wild landscapes and vines as far as the eye can see.

Since 1638

Built between the late 16th and early 17th century, the fontenille country house appeared on the cadastral plan in 1638 with 12 hectares of vines.
The property gradually expanded to reach 35 hectares in 1748. Stronghold of the Savornin family from 1640, Alphonse de Savornin added a manor house to the existing buildings in 1850. The main entrance, ornamental lake as well as the main trees in the park date from this period. His granddaughter, Amélie, continued to develop the park. She was Fontenille's last occupant before the war.

The new wine estate

Laurence Berlemont, oenologist, agronomist and a specialist in Provence wines, began restructuring the Domain in 2013 with the aim of restoring the Domain to its original size: 35 hectares of vines in one geographical area around the Domain. As an advocate of sustainable farming, the Domain has been converting itself to organic farming since 2014, and benefits from the latest wine making techniques in a new wine cellar with traditional architecture. The wine tasting shop opens onto Fontenille's vineyards and cedars. In 2016, the shop will also offer Tasting and Oenology Courses.

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The terroir

The Domaine de Fontenille enjoys exceptional terroir. The vines draw their strength from the clay, limestone and stony soil. The slightly steep slopes provide perfect sunshine and better water drainage. The Provence Mistral naturally cleans the grape.
The vine is tended so as to minimize treatments and ensures that the grapes obtain the best possible maturity while respecting natural cycles. Good wine depends primarily on the quality of the grape.


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